Ep 11. Heal achilles tendon injuries faster with BFR. "How you do BFR" guest is Alex Natera

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Rehabilitation of an achilles tendon can be lengthy and problematic.  Today's episodes looks at two case studies that used Blood Flow Restriction to accelerate the rehab process where "traditional" processes had previously failed. The article I review is:

 Blood flow restriction training after Achilles tendon rupture.The Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery, 57(3), 635-638. Yow, B. G., Tennent, D. J., Dowd, T. C., Loenneke, J. P., & Owens, J. G. (2018).

In "how you do BFR" I interview Alex Natera who is strength and power coach for the GWS Giants AFL ("Aussie Rules"). Alex is well known for his isometric and eccentric work of recent time, but he delves into his journey of BFR.  Aside from highlighting some very interesting case studies we also discuss the importance of how to engage athletes in type of training methodology.

Alex regularly posts insightful and educational content on his social media so please give him a follow on the following platforms:

Twitter: @alex_natera

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