Ep 14. Prevent muscle loss with Passive BFR. "How you do BFR" guest is John Vincenti.

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Today's article review was selected after a conversation with a colleague around the use of passive BFR to attenuate loss with injury or limb immobilisation.  This is also very relevant with my recent knee surgery and I've used Blood Flow Restriction heavily to assist my recovery.

The article I review is called:

Preventionof disusemuscular weaknessby restrictionof bloodflow.



The aim of the present study was to compare the effects of periodic restrictionof bloodflowto lower extremities with those of isometric exercise on disusemuscularatrophy and weaknessinduced by immobilization and unloading.


The left ankle of each of 15 healthy males was immobilized for 2 wk using cast, and subjects were instructed to walk using crutches with non-weight bearing during this period. Subjects were divided into three groups: a restrictionof bloodflow(RBF) group (application of external compressive force of 200 mm Hg for 5 min followed by 3 min of rest, repeated five times in a single session, two sessions per day for 14 d); an isometric training (IMT) group (20 "exercises" of 5-s isometric contraction of the knee extensor, flexor, and ankle plantar flexor muscles followed by rest, twice a day, daily for 2 wk); and a control(CON) group (no intervention). We measured changes in musclestrength, thigh/leg circumferences, and serum growth hormone levels.



On "How you do BFR", my guest is Jonny Vincenti who recently opens his facility for me to host a BFR workshop in Perth. He is very generous with his time so if you have any questions please reach out to him.

A little about Jonny:

  • John Vincenti has over 20 years of experience in the Strength & Conditioning industry, currently running his own Strength and Conditioning facility in Perth, Western Australia - V-Athletic Strength & Performance. V-Athletic is a private sector facility, concerned with the complete athletic performance requirements from junior to elite athletes. 
  • John is also currently in his third Season as Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at the Fremantle Roosters Rugby League Club (NRLWA) and the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at WESTSTAR Football Academy – an elite West Australian junior Australian Rules Football Academy.

 John is an Australian Strength & Conditioning Association (ASCA) Level 3 Coach, Professional Coaches Scheme Professional Coach and Level 3 Sports Power/Weightlifting Coach with the Australian Weightlifting Federation (AWF).

 Contact / Social Media:

Thanks for listening and if you want to order a set of your own BFR cuffs please head to my shopping pages.

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