Ep 21. BFR - Pain Relief, Performance Training & a World Record with Jacinta Carroll

Hi there.

I hope everyone is doing well. With the current COVID-19 situation we are all in, I feel that BFR is placed really well for everyone irrespective of whether you are performing injury rehab or training for elite athletic performance. There is a lot of evidence that it is a great training tool is both of these scenarios.

This brings me to today's episode and it is over 12 months in the making. I get straight into "How you do BFR" with Jacinta Carroll. She brings a fantastic story and has multiple stories of how to use it in both an injury and performance sporting environment. I feel words don't do her justice to her CV but aside from being an elite athlete in two sports, a world record holder in one of them and a Physiotherapist, her interview is jam packed full of great applications of BFR.

A quick snapshot of her career so far:

  • 4 x world champion in Waterski Jumping (Currently undefeated for the last 40 international pro tour stops).
  • Ranked 2nd in the 59kg division got Olympic Weightlifting in Australia.


  • Full time physiotherapist.
    • Currently studying Masters of Sports Physiotherapy.

You can follow her journey on instagram: @jacintacarroll and if you like her bikinis checkout her swimwear sponsor: @finkitaswimwear

 I do have stock so if you're interested in starting BFR training now is the time to get started.

Thanks for listening.

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