Ep. 30 Decrease joint & tendon pain with Blood Flow Restriction training - BFR after knee surgery.


Happy New Year.

Late last year I reviewed an article that highlighted the benefits of 12 strength training sessions using BFR post knee arthroscopy around improving muscle size, strength & function. This highlighted the ease and effectiveness of such a simple training addition.

Consequently I wanted to collate a few articles that built on this initial article to highlight the few different uses of BFR around surgery. In this case, we are focusing on the knee.

Today's article review looks at how BFR can decrease joint and tendon pain in the knee joint. I have had a lot of success using BFR for this reason and not just around surgery.

The 2 articles are: 

1. Blood flow restriction-induced analgesia in patients with anterior knee pain. 

Korakakis, V., Whiteley, R., & Epameinontidis, K. (2017).  Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, 20, e100.

2. Quadriceps strengthening with and without blood flow restriction in the treatment of patellofemoral pain: a double-blind randomised trial.

Giles, L., Webster, K. E., McClelland, J., & Cook, J. L. (2017). British Journal of Sports Medicine, 51(23), 1688-1694.


Join me in the next episode where we will keep building on the multiple ways that you can incorporate BFR around surgery to assist with improving your recovery.


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Thanks for listening and remember to keep the pump.

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