Ep 35. How to use BFR to maximise Bicep muscle hypertrophy.

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Onto today's episode, which is the second article review in the upper body series and what wouldn't be an upper body BFR article review without looking at some bicep curls.

On a more serious note there's some really great uses for BFR aside from just the bicep curls. But this article again, looks at the difference between high load non BFR and low load BFR periodization models. And why I keep talking about this is because I really think that understanding how the difference between a low load and a high load periodisation model with or without BFR on certain exercises can result in similar outcomes, I think has really positive outcomes for you as a practitioner.


Today's article is called:

Practical blood flow restriction training increases muscle hypertrophy during a periodized resistance training programme.

 Lowery, R. P., Joy, J. M., Loenneke, J. P., de Souza, E. O., Machado, M., Dudeck, J. E., & Wilson, J. M. (2014). 

Clinical physiology and functional imaging, 34(4), 317-321.

This is a really simple article, but I think it's quite nice to show that something as simple as this can be quite effective and the next article review we'll move away from the muscular benefits and we'll look at how BFR could be used to improve recovery of hand fractures. And I have spoken about  the role that BFR plays in improved formation which I think is a fascinating concept with respect to how we're training our clients or our athletes who may have fractures.

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Thanks for listening and remember to keep the pump.

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