Ep 36. Using BFR for hand fracture rehab - a rehab tool to enhance your therapy.

Welcome back to this episode of BFR radio,hope you're doing well and enjoying this upper body series.

Just a friendly reminder about my sports rehab tourniquet BFR cuffs is that I've got new valves. I've actually had them for a few months now and everyone's loving them and looked the concept's pretty simple.

There's two valves which connect together and they help inflate the cuff.  It's a little bit nicer. The connections are a lot firmer. Everyone that is using the new valves on the cuffs are loving it. So if you have the older style connection, which was a simple tube into an twist valve, you can actually upgrade your cuffs. All you have to do is head to my website, which is sports rehab.com. I've got a little video with it as well at which it's really simple and quick to change them over and I guarantee you'll love the new upgrade.


Onto this episode, this is the third article review in the upper body series. Today we move away from the muscular benefits of BFR and look at the benefits with respect to bone fractures. Episode seven of BFR Radio actually reviewed an article that looked at the role of BFR and the rationale for improving bone reformation. In animal studies the use of BFR has been shown to improve fracture, healing time and there's actually a few human case studies as well. So see, episode 10, if you're a little bit more interested in this concept. Getting straight into the article, it's called:

Blood flow restriction therapy after closed treatment of distal radius fractures.

Cancio, J. M., Sgromolo, N. M., & Rhee, P. C. (2019).  Journal of wrist surgery, 8(4), 288.s," 


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