Ep. 40 Using BFR to improve recovery & rehab from shoulder & ankle surgery - Your Questions Answered

Welcome back to BFR radio. Thanks for joining in. Today's episode is Your Questions Answered and I've really been enjoying this so if you, have a burning question about BFR and how you're going to use it in your own setting or scenario get ahold of me and we'll set up a call on the internet and I'll be able to actually tailor this to exactly what you need and hopefully demystify everything about BFR and put a real practical spin on it.

Before I get into today's episode, remember if you're looking for BFR cuffs, you can actually get it from my website, which is www.sportsrehab.com.au  and I have tons of content on my Instagram, which is @chrisgaviglio  and also on my YouTube channel, which is SportsRehabAus.  Today's episode is a gentleman called Declan Dinnen and he plays for the Bond University Premier rugby team based on the Gold Coast.

 Now, two things he's going on. One is his shoulder. He's had major surgery on his right shoulder and he's about three months post and he's having struggling a little bit with some range of movement.

And the second thing is that he has got a Haglund's deformity. In his ankle on both legs and he is shortly going to go into surgery. As you will find out in my conversation with Declan, he really struggles to move and to do anything that's dynamic.

Today's podcast is really practical and I cover a lot of information which I am sure you'll get a lot out of it. As I get to the end of the conversation, we then talk a little more so stayed tuned all of the way until the end. 


Hope you enjoy this podcast. If you know of someone who will benefit from the episode please share it and if you enjoy it please give it a rating on iTunes.   

Thanks for listening and remember to keep the pump.



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