Ep. 44 How low intensity BFR cycling can improve leg strength, size & fitness.

Welcome back to this episode of BFR radio, hope you're doing well.

I hope you've been enjoying these articles. I've incorporated BFR into more of a specific sports training focus. For me, this is refreshing to talk about as literature typically just focuses on BFR resistance training or just stationary cardio exercise.

 If we refer back to the start of this mini series, I was inspired by the Tokyo 2021 Olympic and Paralympic games, and really thought at the time that it was relevant. The first article that focused on football training, and I felt that it fitted well within the sport of football for my Northern hemisphere friends or soccer for my Southern hemisphere friends. Article two focused on running, and then article three looked at how passive BFR used prior to high intensity swimming efforts can positively influence performance.

Now today's article we're back on the land and hopping on our bikes. The article I'm reviewing is called:

Effects of low-intensity cycle training with restricted leg blood flow on thigh muscle volume and VO2max in young men.

Abe, T., Fujita, S., Nakajima, T., Sakamaki, M., Ozaki, H., Ogasawara, R., ... & Ishii, N. (2010).  Journal of sports science & medicine9(3), 452.


If you have used BFR and cycling for your own use and seen positive results, drop me a line and let me know. It'd be really great to hear your story. And a couple of favors from me to you. If you know of someone who would benefit from this episode, please share it. Also if you're enjoying the podcast, please give it a rating on iTunes.

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