Ep. 46 BFR use in youth athletes - interview with S&C Coach Nathan Norris


Hi everyone, 

My last episode answered as few questions around using Blood Flow Restriction in younger age groups and youth athletes. I pieced together a few concepts and papers to give some positive evidence around using it in this age group. After the podcast a fellow S&C coach, Nathan Norris reached out about his use with the athletes that he trains. 

Therefore I thought I'd get him on the podcast to tell his experiences. This is a really practically based podcast with lots of great examples and I'm sure you'll get a lot out of it. 

A little bit about Nathan: 

He has been a S&C Coach for 10+ years working with elite, professional, semi-professional and junior athletes. Currently the Lead S&C Coach at Burnley College, Lancashire, North West England. Leading a team of S&C Coaches to delivered the S&C Programme at the College. The programme includes working with 16-21 year old student athletes who compete regionally, nationally, and internationally. As well as running the S&C Programmes for Burnley Bobcats Swimming Club, Blackburn Harriers & Athletics Club, and Manchester Giants Basketball Juniors (U15 & U16 squads). Along with working with professional footballers (soccer) in the area.

If you want to get a hold of him:

Intagram: @welshnath_coach

Email: n.norris@burnley.ac.uk

This will be my last podcast for the year. I'm taking a short break of the Christmas period and looking forward to an exciting 2022. I have a few projects in the pipeline so stay tuned for that. 

Thanks for your support this year and remember to keep the pump.



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