Ep. 47 Growth Hormone & BFR - what is it, what it means for you & how BFR can benefit you.


Happy New Year everyone and welcome to BFR Radio’s first podcast for 2022. 

Hope you all had a good festive season and recharged for 2022. I’m excited for this year and in particular I am working hard to put together my accreditation course on-line and also provide BFR on-line training programs (along with general strength & fitness programs). This means if you’ve been thinking about learning more about BFR in a structured manner or you want to improve your training, I can help provide this for you. Just contact me through my socials or the contact us page on my website (www.sportsrehab.com.au).

 The next series of articles will focus on the hormonal benefits of BFR. A lot of the articles I review, look at training intervention studies (ie. You train with BFR cuffs and it usually results in a positive response). These studies are great to highlight the practical  side of BFR and the benefits of adding it to your training.

Some of the positive responses that we see with BFR training are due to increases in anabolic hormones within the body and in particular increases in anabolic hormones is one of the main mechanisms of BFR. A lot of these anabolic hormones may be familiar to you – Growth hormone, Testosterone, IGF.

Therefore the concept behind the next few episodes is to look at some of these different anabolic hormones.  In particular I am going to highlight the basics of each hormone and its benefits from a health viewpoint. From there I will bring in BFR.  To prevent you all from getting bored, I will try to pick out the best bits. So if these episodes sparks your interest, please research more in detail

Growth hormone is our first hormone. To bring this episode together I’ve referred to numerous general articles and reviews on growth hormones and then moved onto more BFR specific studies.

The specific articles are too many to mention here but 2 of the main reviews on Growth Hormone are: 

  • Godfrey, R. J., Madgwick, Z., & Whyte, G. P. (2003). The exercise-induced growth hormone response in athletes. Sports medicine33(8), 599-613.
  • Sonksen, P. H. (2001). Hormones and Sport-Insulin, growth hormone and sport. Journal of Endocrinology170(1), 13-26.

Before I go, a couple of favours from me to you:

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Thanks for listening, see you in a couple of weeks  and remember to keep the pump.




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