Ep 7. Accelerate bone healing with BFR. "How you do BFR" guest is Olympian Jackie Narracott.

Hi everyone and welcome to episode 7.

Today I look at the concept that BFR may assist with improving bone healing.  I review the article: "Blood flow restriction: rationale for improving bone" by authors, Loenneke, J. P., Young, K. C., Fahs, C. A., Rossow, L. M., Bemben, D. A., & Bemben, M. G. (2012).

I think this concept has great application in endurance running-based athletes and those who may be generally predisposed to high bone stresses.  Typically endurance based athletes aren't too strong, so another benefit from using BFR in their gym sessions could be the strength gains that BFR can give an athlete whilst using lower loads.

In "how you do BFR" I interview Olympian Jackie Narracott who represented Australia at the 2018 PyeongCheng Winter Olympics in the sport of Skeleton.  Being a winter-based sport, skeleton provides a few different challenges and so Jackie discusses how she incorporates BFR into her training and competition preparation. 

Jackie has just commenced her 2018-19 season so check her progress on the following platforms:

Twitter: @JackieNarracott

Instagram: @jac_narracott

Website: https://www.jaclynnarracott.com

Facebook: Jackie Narracott

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