Ep 8. "The hips don't lie." BFR Sprinting - an untapped training method? With guest Joseph Coyne

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Today's podcast title is from a well known line from a song by the artist Shakira - "the hips don't lie" which was a line from my guest today, Joseph Coyne.  Joseph is an S&C and sprints coach.  He has a wealth of experience around the world and is a very knowledge coach in a host of different areas related to performance enhancement (aside from just S&C). He has worked in elite sport and played an integral role with athletes such as Sonny Bill Williams, Ky Hurst, Stephen Hoiles and a number of truly elite Chinese Olympians. I had a fantastic conversation about not only how he implements BFR on himself and his athletes but I also got to listen to some of the other work that he does. This short bio doesn't do him justice so really encourage you to give it a listen and reach out to him. Just fascinating.

Today's article review looks at the concept of BFR sprinting and how this may improve performance. The article is: Low-Intensity Sprint Training With Blood Flow Restriction Improves 100-m Dash.Behringer, M., Behlau, D., Montag, J. C., McCourt, M. L., & Mester, J. (2017). The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research, 31(9), 2462-2472.

Although the athletes in this study weren't elite (by Track & Field standards), it really gives some ideas around this as a concept and a method for inclusion within a training week.  I have adapted this and found that since my knee operation, I can actually do "run-throughs" pain free and recover with no joint soreness after the session.  Prior to implementing BFR, this is something I've struggled with even after 3 years post-surgery.

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Again I appreciate Joseph's time.  He is available for consultation and also provides some great services such as:

  • post-surgery intensive rehabilitation
  • off-season training program for field sports athletes
  • speed coaching
  • strength and conditioning.

Website: http://www.coynesportsinjuryclinic.com.au

Twitter: Click here for @josephcoyne

Instagram: Click here for @josephcoyne 

(His Instagram has lots of great videos of his work so check it out)

Email: coach@coynesportsinjuryclinic.com.au


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