Episode 2. Optimising your BFR response - cuff width and pressure considerations (Guest - Jonathon Danaher)

The pressure applied during BFR training is a important consideration to ensure optimal response as well as safety to the user.  Literature has higlighted several different ways to calculate pressure all with different outcomes.  Therefore understanding factors which affect optimal BFR pressure for the user are important.  Episode 2 discusses these factors reviewing two papers that encompass this:

1. Blood flow restriction pressure recommendations: a tale of two cuffs (Loenneke et al - 2013)

2. Blood flow restriction in the upper and lower limb is predicted by limb circumfernce and systolic blood pressure (Loenneke et al 2015)

"How you do BFR" interviews Jo Danaher from JD Sports Performance.  He explains how he incorporates it into his S&C business.  Some interesting exercise adaptions and solid rep/set schemes.  He is located in Brisbane.

Please give him a visit at the following:

Instagram - @jdsportperformance

Website - www.jdsportsperformance.com 

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