Episode 3 - Get fit and strong with BFR cycling (Guest - Gavin Pratt)

A lot of attention is given to the benefits of BFR strength training. However other exercise modalities such as cycling and walking have also been studied. Therefore today’s episode looks into the effects of four different interval-training protocols on aerobic fitness and muscle strength. In particular this study investigates how low intensity BFR cycling may be a possible addition to improve aerobic fitness and muscular strength.

The paper in particular I discuss is: Short-term low-intensity blood flow restricted interval training improves both aerobic fitness and muscle strength. (de Oliveira et al 2016).

 “How you do BFR” interviews Gavin Pratt from GCP Fitness Online. Gavin currently works in China working with their High Performance Surfing program. We have a great discussion around coaching philosophies, challenges coaching in a foreign country as well as a few different examples of some interesting adaptions for BFR.

He has an online coaching program so please give him a visit at the following:

Website: www.gcpfitness.com.au

Instagram: @gcpfitness

Twitter: @gcpfit

Facebook: GCP Fitness Online

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