Episode 5. BFR and Hamstring strength - a potential for injury prevention. Guest - Selwyn Griffith

Hi everyone and welcome to episode 5.

A little while ago I had someone email me with respect to asking about possible improvements in hamstring and gluteal strength and hypertrophy with BFR use.  Further to this, hamstring injury prevention is quite topical at present so I thought I'd review a couple of papers that highlight the effects of BFR use on the hamstring and gluteal muscle groups.


In particular I review the papers:

1.Abe, T., et al. "Skeletal muscle size and circulating IGF-1 are increased after two weeks of twice daily “KAATSU” resistance training." International Journal of KAATSU Training Research1.1 (2005): 6-12.


2. Sérgio, R., et al. "Short-term Blood Flow Restriction Training Enhances Hamstrings/quadriceps Force Ratio in Professional Soccer Players: 3550 Board# 194 May 31, 9." Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise 46.5S (2014): 955.


In "how you do BFR" I interview Selwyn Griffith who is an Osteopath and works and the rehabilitation co-ordinator for the Brisbane Lions AFL club.  Selwyn works with professional footballers and has a few different methodologies according to the athlete's needs and stages in physical preparation.   In particular he covers the areas acute injury, load compromised athletes and the use of BFR in priming and activation areas.  He has a real pragmatic approach to his BFR use.  

If you want to contact Selwyn:

Twitter: @selwynosteo

Instagram: @selwyng

Linkedin: Selwyn Griffith

He also has some courses coming up so give him a follow so you can check it out.


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