BFR Radio Podcast - Episode 19. BFR and muscle stem cells - a regenerative potential for skeletal muscle.

Today's blog is a reminder to head on over to my podcast BFR Radio. I've just realised that I should have been letting you all know on this blog that you can listen to my podcast via a few different methods. The first is to click on the menu and head to BFR Radio Podcast. There you can listen directly from this website. The next 3 methods are through different podcast streaming services - iTunes, Spotify and Podbean.

Today's topic is actually a request from one of our follower listeners (thanks Dann) who wanted to hear about the role of BFR and muscle stems cells.

The topic of muscle stem cells alone is fascinating where stem cells are present in skeletal muscle tissue and they can self-renew and are capable of giving rise to skeletal muscle cells. Stem cells are activated in response to muscle injury to regenerate damaged muscle tissue. So whether we are talking about general or athletic populations, the ability to activate or enhance muscle stem cell response around injury has fantastic implication for recovery.

As it worked out, I had an article in mind. I also try to explain some of the terms used in the paper to make it easy for you all to understand.  

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did reviewing it. If you have any other topics of particular interest please comment through my podbean account, website or social media (@chrisgaviglio).

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