Ep 13. Accelerate recovery from injury with BFR. "How you do BFR" guest in Nicolai Morris.

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Following exercise, neutrophils are the first immune cells to initiate the tissue remodeling process via several mechanisms including an increased production of cytokines and recruitment of monocytes/macrophages, which facilitate the phagocytosis of foreign particles, the differentiation of myoblasts, and the formation of new myotubes.

This review discusses the mechanisms through which metabolic stress and immune cell recruitment may induce skeletal muscle remodeling following BFR strength training. This is a fascinating concept to consider when trying to provide a thorough robust rehab model and also provides consideration around including Blood Flow Restriction as a valuable addition to any rehab program. 

The Role of Inflammation and Immune Cells in Blood Flow Restriction Training Adaptation: A Review (Front Physiol. 2018; 9: 1376.)

Authors:Fabrício Eduardo Rossi,1Marcelo Conrado de Freitas,2Nelo Eidy Zanchi,3Fábio Santos Lira,1,*and Jason M. Cholewa4

"How you do BFR" guest is Nicolai Morris.

Nicolaiis an Australian Strength and Conditioning Coach who works at Sydney University as the senior strength and conditioning coach working with multiple sports including swimming, athletics, rugby, rugby 7’s, water polo and soccer.  Nicolaihas been coaching as an S&C for 12 years working across private, schools, professional and university sport environments.

Nicolai discusses how she uses BFR in her own training and competition as an elite swimmer as well as the different scenarios with her athletes that she trains.  She is also very active on social media providing great insight into the great work that she does.  Make sure you follow her as I am sure you will gain a lot from her. 

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