Ep 26. BFR for Ballet, Back Rehab & Biking - interview with Tony Lewis

Thanks for tuning into this month's episode.

I hope you enjoyed last month's podcast where I discussed a new training concept that I have been utilising. The results were absolutely surprising so in the mean time I've been working on a heavy load Isometric + BFR training program. I've just finished the testing for that 7 week training block so I'll have them to you all soon. Again I think you'll be surprised.

Onto this month's episode and a quick update around my product. I am about to update the valves which is a really nice touch to the product. The final function isn't any different but it's definitely is a good addition to the product.

In today's interview, I talk to S&C coach Tony Lewis. We both live in the same town (Brisbane) but more interestingly we were both born and grew up in the same town of Ayr (small farming town in North Queensland). 

I primarily got Tony on to talk about his work with BFR in ballet but he had lots of really interesting uses for BFR in other facets of his work. I am sure you'll get something out of our chat.

A little about Tony:

  • Like every kid in town, I played whatever sports were happening at that time.
  • Started dancing in 1984
  • Moved to Melbourne in 1986 to study full-time dance for 4 years
  • After graduating from the Australian Ballet School, worked with the Australian Ballet for a short period before moving to Europe, where he danced professionally for 3 years.
  • 1993 - offered a position with Queensland Ballet
  • 2003 -  retired from Queensland Ballet as a Principal Artist 
  • 2004 - started working full-time in the fitness industry
  • 2010 - started my own training business
  • 2014 - Strength Coach with the Queensland Ballet Academy
  • 2016 - Strength Coach for the Queensland Ballet Company.
  • 2020 - continue to learn, run my own business and work for the Queensland Ballet and the Academy.


If you want to contact him give him a follow or get to him via the following:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tonylewispt/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tonylewisPT/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tonylewispt

Email: tony@tony-lewis.com.au


For more information or to buy your own set of BFR cuffs please head to my products page.


Thanks for listening.

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