Ep. 33 Managing Achilles pain with BFR in sprinters - Your questions answered.

Welcome to today's episodes. I have just finished the short collective mini-series on the multiple uses of BFR around knee surgery. In this collective series of article reviews, I wanted to highlight the multiple uses of BFR within one scenario.


With today's episode, I talk to sprinter Mark Giglio where we discuss how to use blood flow restriction to help manage his achilles pain. In particular we look at how he can use BFR for general pain/stiffness, sprint and strength training sessions. Mark has lots of great questions and we discuss how BFR could also be used to maximise  training and competition outcomes. In particular we discuss about the potential increases in endogenous (naturally occurring in the body) anabolic hormones. With respect to most athletes, the ability to increase anabolic hormones concentrations in the body (esp. testosterone) has positive benefits to improvements in strength, speed, power and behaviours associated with positive outcome.


I really enjoyed this conversation, and the goal of this segment is to help educate users of BFR. My motto with this segment is that the questions that you have may also help someone else. So if you have a burning question on how to use BFR (any pure happy to come onto the podcast) get in contact with me.

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Thanks for listening and remember to keep the pump.


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