Ep 34. Supercharge your Bench Press - combining BFR low load + High Load protocols. (Article review)

Hi everyone and welcome back to this episode of BFR radio.

Not sure if you've noticed, but I've been trying a few different things of late. Firstly, I'm trying to increase the frequency of podcasts released to fortnightly, which was from once a month. And there's also a new segment, which is called your questions answered. A lot of people are asking some great questions. So my mantra around this is that if you have a question, I'm sure that there's lots of other people out there as well with that same question or something similar. Therefore, if you have a question and you're happy to come online, please contact me and we can have a chat.

You'll also notice that recently in the last couple of weeks, that on my socials, which is @chrisgaviglio, I've been releasing 60 seconds snippets of the previous podcast. These are the best bits of the podcast and hopefully a great reminder of what was covered. If you love it, let me know and I'll continue doing that for you.

With the article reviews I've also tried to group them together to give the use of BFR better context. The first article series that I did recently was around the use of BFR in surgery and in particular, looking at knee surgery, if you missed them, check them out.

And this brings me onto the next series of BFR articles, and this will focus on the upper body. In one of my earlier BFR radio podcast episodes I reviewed an article on high-frequency Bench Press. Today's article, which kicks off this series, again, looks at the bench press, but rather this looks at combining protocols of both high load and low load BFR Bench Press training within the same week. This article is called:

Combined effects of low-intensity blood flow restriction training and high-intensity resistance training on muscle strength and size. 

Yasuda, T., Ogasawara, R., Sakamaki, M., Ozaki, H., Sato, Y., & Abe, T. (2011).

European journal of applied physiology111(10), 2525-2533.


I truly think that this series will once again, like the knee surgery series highlight some great ways of using BFR aside from just using it for bicep curls and bench press. If you want to know more information about BFR or you want to order your own set of BFR cuffs please head to my website, which is www.sportsrehab.com.au.

If you want to contact me, you can do this via the contact us, or should be contact me on the website, or just DM me through my socials on Instagram or Twitter, which is @chrisgaviglio.

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