Ep. 38 BFR Handgrip training - improve your grip strength & forearm size.


Welcome back to this episode of BFR Radio, hope you're doing well. Remember if you have any questions about BFR, please DM me through my social channels, which is @chrisgaviglio on Instagram or Twitter, or alternatively through my website, contact us, or actually it's just me page, which is sportsrehab.com.au. I've been actually receiving a few messages, so thanks for reaching out and I'll definitely be incorporating them into the podcast over the coming episodes. If you're looking for some good BFR learning opportunities, I've teamed up with PLAE who are known for  really top quality sports flooring.  They have an education arm as well and I've produced an introduction to BFR presentation.  This is an hour long presentation, which has some learning opportunities or learning questions along the way. So you can actually test your understanding of BFR and actual goal is to put my full BFR workshop on this online learning platform. So stay tuned for that.

Click here for the PLAE website and access my course: https://plaeacademy.com


There are lots of other great courses that are available to you from some of the top S&C coaches, all around the world so make sure you check them out.

And also talking about just general BFR information, I also appear on another podcast with a fellow health specialist. Her name is Zora, and she actually goes by the Instagram handle @hackmyage. And overall she interviews lots of fantastic guests looking at ways to, I guess, Biohack their own health.  This can range from anything, from exercise to nutrition, to breathing, cold water immersion, and so forth.

Click here to check out her website & other great information: Click to find out more about Zora

Click here to link to my podcast with Zora on BFR: Podcast with Zora

So moving on to today's article we're going to look at hand grip strength. And in particular, it's called:

Effects of handgrip training with venous restriction on brachial artery vasodilation

Credeur, D. P., Hollis, B. C., & Welsch, M. A. (2010).

Medicine and science in sports and exercise, 42(7), 1296.

And this serves as a really good segue for my next episode, where it'll actually be the last in the mini series on BFR upper body. And it's actually going to look at how you can use BFR in upper body training to help athletes where improved grip or grappling ability is really important.

And if you do know of someone who would benefit from this episode, please share it. I really do appreciate all your interactions.  And if you haven't got your own set of BFR cuffs, please visit my website, which is sportsrehab.com.au.

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Thanks for listening, see at the next episode. And remember to keep the pump.


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