Ep 39. Wrestling training with BFR – how to improve physical & technical capacity of wrestlers

Hi everyone. And welcome back to this episode of BFR radio. Hope your own training is going well. Thank you for all of your questions about blood flow restriction. And if you do have any burning questions of your own, please DM me through my social channels, which is @chrisgaviglio or my website contact us page, which is www.sportsrehab.com.au.

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Today's episode is going to be the last episode in relation to this upper body short mini series in BFR. And recently I've been focusing on how BFR can be used effectively in different upper body scenarios. 

In particular, we looked at the muscular benefits with low load BFR bench, press and practical bicep curls. The third episode highlighted the benefits of using BFR for wrist fractures and the fourth, and the penultimate episode showed that we can improve grip, strength and size using something very simple as hand squeezing type exercises.

Hence, I thought it was a really great segue to today's episode, which is more of a practical sporting example, and really the title says it all:

Effect of exercise program with blood flow restriction on upper limb vasculature and performance in wrestlers.

Ghoraba, M., Ghazy, M., & El Tomey, M. (2017).

IJSSA, 2, 298-327.


In the study I mentioned a technique called a Gut Wrench. Here is the link to a good video explaining it if you're interested:

Click here to see Gut Wrench technique video

I really like this study with respect to the practical applications of BFR to a sport. There's actually a few other sports specific studies starting to appear in literature, which really highlights the positive application of BFR.

In closing, if there's a topic of interest you'd like me to cover in this short mini series please let me know, as I'm really interested in knowing what interests you. Thanks again for listening.

Hope you've enjoyed it.

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