Express Session (#23) - never an excuse to not exercise. (something you can do whilst cooking dinner)

Fitting in exercise at times can be tough with our busy schedules. Sometimes we just need to seize the moment and find opportunities whenever we can.
I've done a pizza express session before and this is another session example of fitting something in our tight schedules. Today's session is lower body focus and the advantage of using BFR cuffs is that you can get right into the session with using only light weights.
Equipment list is minimal:
  • 1 x Dbell,
  • 1 x Band,
  • 1 x Chair and
  • a set of Sports Rehab Tourniquet BFR cuffs
Keep the reps high and keep moving.
Session outline:
1. Squats x 15
2. SL Bulgarian x 10el
3. Band Woodchop x 10es
4. SL RDL x 10el
5. SL Hip Extension x 10el
Limit the rest time (30sec) and get as much done as you can. You can even fit a little more in as it cools.

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