How to get those "neglected" lower body exercises done effectively (check out the video)

Performing ancillary strength exercises are important yet often neglected. I find putting together quick and easy  ancillary lower body strength exercises as a compliment my main leg strength sessions as a great way to get "those" exercises done.

These ancillary sessions will focus primarily on the neglected exercises that may isolate areas such as hamstring, gluteals, calf and hip flexors.

These sessions are great for:

a. General preparatory training

b. Injury prevention

c. Injury rehabilitation.

Today's ancillary session will focus on all 4 areas:

1. Hamstring - SL Hanging Hip Extension (bent knee)

2. Hanging Hip Flexion - band resistance

3. Gluteal - SL Bent Knee Hip Extension (aka SL Hip Thruster).

4. Calf - Standing single leg calf raises - use different rep speeds incorporating constant tempo & pulses to fatigue.

3-4 sets.

I like to incorporate BFR on my thigh to keep the load very low. On my last set I then shift to calf BFR to really finish my calves. 

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