Isometric Strength Training - understanding the fundamentals & optimise your training (Podcast)

Hi there, 
In addition to BFR Radio I also co-host another podcast called Snippit Sports Science Podcast with my friend Jared Coleman-Stark. We review general sports science articles of interest (aside from BFR).
This year, we have started doing small series of articles to get a better understanding of a topic as opposed to a one-off article. This current series will focus on isometric strength training. This fits really well into my primary job as a Strength coach. 
To start this short series off we've gone straight to a classic S&C book to outline the fundamentals of isometric strength training.  We feel this will set up and improve your understanding of the next few upcoming podcasts. 

The book I reference this material is from:

Special Strength Training Manual for Coaches

(Authors - Yuri and Natalia Verkhoshansky)

Personally for me there were a few concepts I was unfamiliar with so it was a great read. We hope you enjoy it too.
If you like having the option of the podcast embedded in this blog please let me know and I will continue to publish these podcasts here as well.
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