Long Duration Isometrics and BFR - Lower body session #2

Today's session is another lower body adaptation incorporating long duration isometrics and Blood Flow Restriction.

This session coincides with my last session for the 2 week holiday cruise. 

A positive note is that after these sessions I have no residual joint soreness but really feel a muscular benefit. Does it have a performance benefit? Probably 2 weeks is too short to tell but I will be doing a re-test to see where the body is at. 

The session flow is:

a. BFR movement prep - get the body moving, muscles active and decrease any residual joint pain.

b. BFR strength - using BFR and low loads I am trying to amplify any hormonal response and strength/hypertrophy opportunities (esp as I am not lifting heavy loads).

c. Long Duration Isometrics - doing single leg it takes a long time due to the rest periods. Therefore finding suitable superset options assist with enabling a productive session.

d. Ancillary/ extras - this can incorporate either BFR or isometric based exercises to ensure that those typical neglected "little" extras are done. 

Again, this is all experimental and based on my own thoughts but I have enjoyed this type of training. I hope you've all got something out of these last 3 videos.


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