Long duration isometrics - combining with BFR. A lower body session.

For the last 2 weeks I've been enjoying a holiday touring NZ on a cruise boat. I thought I'd take the opportunity to try a different style of training by incorporating some Long Duration Isometrics.

I've been seeing a lot of good stuff around this type of training and thought it was time to give it a go. The other advantage of this type of training is that it doesn't need a lot of weight (bodyweight really) to make it effective.

I also incorporated BFR into the session as I feel that it adds to maintaining bulk and potentially could help to amplify/enhance any positive effects (i.e. hormonal priming, muscle activation).

This is all experimental and based on my own thoughts. Furthermore, this type of training is really out of my comfort zone so it was a good opportunity. No doubt I have "bastardised" the correct way of doing this type of training but it fitted along with my own philosophy of strength training. Aside from trying something new, this is a great style of training whilst training or having limited access to equipment.

Today's session is a lower body session. As the single leg isometrics takes a while to complete, I use the rest period to include core and upper body strength exercises to make the complete session a lot more effective and well-rounded.

This session is at the end of my first 2 weeks of this type of training and is a summary of what I've done. Although it is hard to see results after only 2 weeks I definitely feel more "connected" doing these exercises. I am sure a longer block will potentially see actual performance results.

Stay tuned for the other sessions that I did on the cruise.


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