Looking for a fresh warm-up idea prior to your gym session? (watch the video)

Warming prior to any type of exercise has importance for both injury prevention but more importantly performance enhancement.  Remember in my previous blogs, that for every 1degree change in muscle temperature, it equates to between 4-6% change in power output. Therefore warming up becomes an integral component of any training program.  I find that addition of BFR cuffs a great way to do this.  Therefore this blog will highlight one of the warm-ups that regularly perform prior to a gym session.  Not only is it effective but I find it is time efficient also.


1. Crosstrainer - 1minute

2. DB Olympic complex (High Pull, Clean & Press, Snatch) - 2reps each

3. Lateral Raises - 10 reps

4. Bent over flies - 10 reps

6. Plate Circles - 10 reps

3 circuits

Hope you enjoy.  Have a go and let me know what you think.



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