Pizza Express Session - never an excuse to not exercise (video embedded).

Have you ever go to the end of the day and didn't fit in any exercise? The other day I really wanted to do some training but my day was just too busy.

So I took the opportunity to use the cooking time whilst waiting for my pizzas to cook. I didn't have long so I needed to ensure that the exercise selection maximised my response. Therefore I used compound movements during the session. Also in my main circuit I also incorporated Blood Flow Restriction. This enabled me to not have to worry about using high loads and ensured that I maximised my muscle and hormonal response to the session.

1a. Skip Rope, Star Jumps etc x 30sec
1b. Lunges x 10
1c. Spidermans x 6 (ensured I had good ROM through my hips)
2-3sets pending on how the body is feeling.

Main Session:
2a. DB Swings x 6 (DB is a great substitute for a Kettlebell)
2b. DB Clean & Press x 6
2c. Renegade Row x 8-10
2d. Sit-up & Press x 8 each side
2c. Twisting DB Sit-ups x 10

3-4 sets pending on cooking time. I actually sneaked in a 4th set whilst I was waiting for my pizza to cool.

This is a great example of how you never have an excuse for exercise.

Thanks for watching.

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