The 3B's warm-up: Bulgarian Bags & BFR (enjoy the video)

Hi everyone, I am a big advocate of warming up.  This is a great way to include variety into your session.  So today I included a Bulgarian bag in today's warm-up.

Originally designed as a training tool for wrestlers (designed to mimic a sheep slung over the shoulders), the advantage of a Bulgarian bag includes:

  • can be swung in multiple planes
  • you can unite different movement patterns in the same exercise
  • easy way to add load to traditional bodyweight exercises.
  • perfect for power/strength endurance training
  • ideal for full body training.

I made my own (a while ago) using an old truck tyre inner tube (free) and recycled rubber "crumbs' that I purchased. There are a few different video tutorials on how to make your own.

I focus on the "flow" of movements and combine rotational, pressing with squatting and lunging movements. 

I also added in my blood flow restriction cuffs for an added stimulus and also as I find it a great way to keep my body warmed up efficiently. As this session preceded an upper body session, I tried it with the upper body BFR cuffs on also, which I quite liked.

 I hope this gives you a few ideas for your own warm-up. 

Do you train with Bulgarian Bags?  What's your favourite exercise?

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