The science behind BFR sleds day - includes link to video

Hi everyone,

A couple of months ago, I posted a session that I routinely do called BFR sleds Day.  As the blog mentioned, I find that combining BFR adds another dimension to the session which revolves around optimising hormones whilst decreasing the need for mechanical stress (i.e. load).

Recently I was asked a question as to why I added the cuffs and how I thought adding BFR cuffs added to the effectiveness of the session.  Or in other words, why bother adding cuffs to the session.  So either I was unclear to the reasons why I added BFR cuffs or I just didn't go into enough detail.

The explanation is actually quite detailed to type so I decided to do a vlog (accidentally) as I thought it would save time. This Vlog explains the science (in my opinion) that goes behind the benefits of BFR Sled training.

It brings together literature from several different concepts including:

  1. hormonal optimisation - focusing on testosterone and how elevating concentrations relate to performance,
  2. blood flow restriction training - basic overview and other interesting concepts,
  3. sled training &
  4. basic strength training periodisation philosophies.

This brings together these 4 concepts and I've added in the papers that I talk about so you can see where I get this information from (and also so you know I am not making it up) and therefore forms mini-literature reviews for you. Also I've tried to find relevant footage to help support the explanation.  There is some older footage of when I worked at Bath Rugby so it is pretty cool to see that stuff again. And lets be honest, aside from the content, 15 minutes of just seeing my face talking isn't that interesting...

So head on over to my youtube channel and watch my Vlog (click here). Again this is my interpretation of the science as to the reasons behind why I do this and why I think it is an effective session.  My last part of the vlog goes into the concept of science vs art. As a coach, years of experience (intuition?) plays a large part in why we do things.

I hope you enjoy it.  If you do enjoy it, please share it amongst your peers and friends.

Thanks for tuning in.


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