Training whilst on holidays (video embedded)

Hi everyone,

If you're like me, I need to keep training whilst on holidays.  I find it tough finding good training facilities but more importantly I see holidays as a time to spend with my family.  Therefore I feel guilty taking a couple of hours "off" to go to a gym. In the last few holidays,  I've found that using Blood Flow Restriction, a resistance band with a little imagination can provide a really good training stimulus.

So with this session, I was able to do it on the holiday apartment balcony within 30minutes (no travel time) and my family just in the next room watching a movie... This session was surprisingly taxing - as I found out the by my body's response the next couple of days.

Before I get to the session, a quick reminder of my upcoming workshop in Townsville (Sat 8th Dec 2018).  If you are interested or know anyone in neighbouring towns, let them know.  The link is provided below to direct you to Eventbrite where you can purchase your ticket.

Eventbrite - Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Workshop - Townsville Saturday 8th Dec 2018


Now onto the session.

Session overview:
Section 1 - Lower body
1a. Squat pumps x 10
1b. Squat jumps x 5 (low amplitude)
1c. Split squat jumps x 10

Section 2 - Upper body
2a. Explosive push ups x 5
2b. Band Row x 10
2c. Band rotations ("wood chops") x 10

10 sets - no rest (my rest period was re-inflating the corresponding BFR cuffs).

Hope you enjoy the session.

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