Upper body long duration isometrics with Blood Flow Restriction - training on holidays

Upper body BFR & Isometric session.

This video follows from yesterday and is a summary of what I've been up to for for the last 2 weeks whilst on a cruise boat.

I am doing an upper body session incorporating both BFR and long (?) duration isometric . The BFR was used as an initial primer for bulk and strength at low loads and also to potentially help amplify/enhance any positive effects (i.e. hormonal priming, muscle activation).

The main exercise for isometrics was a push up hold. As I mentioned yesterday, this is a great style of training whilst training or having limited access to equipment.

Again I've probably not done this as it was originally intended to be used but it fits along with my own philosophy of strength training.

I struggle with long duration holds (is it mental or physical - not sure) so I am trying to spend the first 2 weeks getting a good initial base and then really build for time over weeks 3 and 4.

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