Upper body strength training idea - French Contrast Method (videos)

I am constantly looking at training methodologies to improve my own strength but also concepts that may be of benefit to the athletes that I train.  Although this method has been around for a while, the French Contrast Method (FCM) is a periodisation concept that may provide a good training stimulus for both the upper and lower body.

The French Contract Methods involves a specific exercise selection along with prioritization that allows an athlete to tap into higher thresholds of a motor unit (since motor units prioritize muscle fibers), and if a higher threshold is attained, a greater RFD is created.

FCM utilises a few concepts:
1. Exercise selection according strength-speed & speed-strength continuum.
2. Post-activation potentiation (PAP) &
3. Rate of force development (RFD).

When speaking about athletes that excel in their given sport, if an athlete produces force faster than their opponent, that quality will help them to power through their competition.

FCM may be more appropriate for advanced trainers and athletes. That is, those with clean movement patterns who have respectable training time under their belts. FCM should be performed for a time of approximately two to three weeks.

There are a few good blogs at present on the internet so a quick search can give you a more detailed explanation behind this training methods.

I did four weeks of this training in different training locations.  So I have added the videos so you can see how you can adapt this training methodology according to the facilities that you have. 

If you want any assistance with incorporating this into your own training please contact me.

Session 1 variation 

Session 2 variation 

Session 3 variation - Testing week (stay tuned)

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