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Hi my name is Dr. Chris Gaviglio and welcome to my website. Although this is primarily focused on the products that I have designed I would like to give you a background on myself.

    • Chris GaviglioStrength and conditioning coach
    • Academia and applied sports science research
    • Product design and entrepreneur
    • Speaking and consultancy



I have been involved with elite sport for over 15 years working across multiple Olympic sports and professional football codes in both the northern (Bath Rugby) and southern (Wallabies and Gold Coast SUNS AFL) hemisphere. More recently I have been involved as the physical performance manager for the XXXX Qld Maroons rugby league team.

Chris Gaviglio



During my time in the UK (Bath Rugby), I was involved with UKSport in multiple applied sports science projects.  My major project involved monitoring salivary hormones responses to competition and training in rugby union.  As a result I have formalised this work into a PhD. My thesis is titled, "The efficacy of salivary testosterone and cortisol as a biomarker of training and competition in elite rugby union athletes."

I currently have four articles published in high impact peer review journals

Academic journal articles - Chris Gaviglio

Aside from an interest in using salivary hormones as a marker for training and competition, I also have continued my applied sports science research and particularly in the areas of:

  • Passive heat maintenance
  • Blood flow restriction training
  • Warm-up and peri-competition strategies
  • Power and strength development

We possible I will upload interesting papers and articles as resources relevant to these areas of interest.


I have enjoyed inventing products from a young age. Being involved in the fitness industry for almost 20 years, I have seen gaps in the markets of which I have been able to apply my inventing ability to this area. The Thera-wedge was first product I designed which eventually led onto the Backsak. More recently after I was introduced to BFR training I saw that there was not anyone commercially selling a safe and viable product to assist with this type of training.  The product has evolved over time and I am confident that I have an outstanding product.  


I also enjoy speaking about strength and conditioning and concepts incorporating enhancing human performance.  Refer to my resources page for video links to some of my speaking engagements.

If you would like to engage in any speaking engagements or consultancy please contact me.

Thank you for visiting and hope to talk to you soon.

XXXX Maroons State of Origin - Chris Gaviglio

 2016 State of Origin Series win (I'm hiding slightly to left of the middle up the back)